1. Even BRITISH women aren’t that good at football (yes that’s whats its called) so why would anyone think US WOMEN have a chance?

  2. haha, stupid GRINGOS, i have read in forums people asking if Female US Soccer Team could beat US Mens Team, or any other male team, just because females are olympic champions, HAHAHAHA, what a stupid moron question is that, its clear they dont know a shit about soccer or have never watched British Premier LEague or Real MAdrid and Barcelona play, there is no comparison between female and male soccer (football) its just like ridiculous, its like put Michael Jordan vs a WNBA player, the SAME thing

  3. ya in there first game they beat norway 2-0
    but they came back and WON THE GOLD!!
    and norway didnt even place.
    they beat brazil 1-0 in over time. it was such a good game. GO USA!!

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