1. He cannot be saying GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. DOesnt even know shit about soccer in the first place.

  2. Give it time, once the U.S. wins anything one time they are bound to win it 80% of the time after that. The greatest in the world in every sport we play except soccer, you better pray the day we win a world cup doesn’t come because if it does you better believe we will win most of them from that point on.

  3. I saw the game, the U.S. dominated the whole time we just fell short of scoring every time until the game winner at the end. It was a great match…

  4. Was there, it was a great game and an amazing atmosphere presented by the American fans. We deserved the win, controlled the game, would’ve been a much larger win if not for the Venezuelan keeper playing well.

  5. watch?v=RYPLMYHHKB8





  6. usa no le gano a la poderosa furia roja.
    espana el el mejor equipo de futbol.
    visca barca

  7. they celebrated like they winning the world cup although it’s just a friendly

  8. There were 7 minutes of extra time because the Venezuelans wasted the original 4 minutes of extra time faking an injury and arguing with the referee.

    If you had seen the game, you’d understand why the US fans were so happy. Thanks to a blind referee, the Venezuelans were allowed to mug and drag down US players in the penalty area during corners. The US fans (myself included) were furious at the Venezuelans telenovella grade acting bullshit they did throughout the entire game.

  9. you’re kinda right, a bicycle kick for the winner would have blown the stadium to smitherenes. But don’t call soccer shit in a the US.

  10. they went crazy because it was a game winner, not a header you dumb ass

  11. wow this shows how shit football is in america, they went mad over a header imagine if he scored a bicycle kick they would of jizzed

  12. why is the american saying goaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

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