Women’s Soccer: Ohio State Looks Ahead of Spring


In women soccer, Big Ten decided to cancel the fall season due to the pandemic. This has caused disappointment in the women’s soccer ranks of Ohio State. However, this didn’t slow down their momentum. Lori Walker-Hock, who is the head coach of Ohio State for the 24th season, is handling an unpredictable situation as the 2020 season has been canceled. In spite of the season being canceled, the soccer team of Ohio State is functioning with the same mindset as the previous years as they move towards the spring season.

Walker-Hock says that this is her 29th year as the coach and 24th year at Ohio State. She says that all her experiences can be thrown out and it will just be like a rookie coach. She says her leadership perspective is just the opposite and she is as solid as you will ever find.
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The Premier League will make its long-awaited return this Wednesday. All football matches were put on hold in England during the second week of March. From the English Premier League to the Lower league to women Soccer. Everything was suspended due to Covid19 pandemic.

As the league returns, we take a look at some of the players who have seriously laid doubts to rest this season. They have made the critics all look a bit silly, as they have impressed and have contributed immensely to the success of their various teams.
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Women’s Super League Suspended

All domestic football Leagues in England have been further put on hold until no earlier than 30 April amid the ongoing coronavirus break out. The Women’s Super League was suspended in the second week of March, and it was expected to return on the 3rd of April at least, but due to the increasing rate of the pandemic, all domestic football leagues: Premier League, the Championship, league one, league two and women soccer have have now been suspended till 30th of April at the earliest.

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SheBelieves Cup: Will England Remain the Champion?

England women’s soccer has already announced the names of their squad members for the She Believes Cup 2020. It is held in the United States of America. This year, the tournament has stepped into its fifth edition. The championship starts on 5th March and will go on till 11th March. This tournament features four international football teams for women. England and the USA have participated in all the four previous tournaments and they are going to feature this year as well. Japan will have its second successive appearances in the competition. Spain will be making its debut in the 2020 She Believes Cup.

France, Brazil, and Germany have also appeared in this women’s soccer competition. The USA team has won two out of the four competitions until now in the years 2016 and 2018. England and France have got the chance to get the taste of win in the years 2019 and 2017 respectively. The She Believes Cup is played based on a round-robin arrangement. Each team gets the opportunity to play against another team only once and whichever team reaches the top of the table after the competition concludes wins the trophy or the She Believes Cup. If there is a tie between two teams depending on their points, then the difference in the number of goals is used to determine the winner.
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Arsenal Women boss Joe Montemurro has revealed that his team expects a tough test in their round of 16 clash against Slavia Prague in the Women’s Champions League round of 16 on Wednesday night.

According to Montemurro, Slavia Prague is a good team in form and would prove to be a unique challenge for the Gunners. He believes that the best tactic for the game is for the girls to defend have quick transition quickly with counters.
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French football continues to break down barriers between men and women. Corinne Diacre was the first woman who trained a professional male team in Clermont, Stéphanie Frapart became last April the first collegiate to referee in Ligue 1 at the Amiens meeting- Strasbourg.

After being recognized as one of the best French soccer referees after an impeccable season, La Ligue 2Frappart will be the first woman to referee a continental match between men, and will be on August 14 in the final of the European Super Cup when Liverpooland Chelsea clash.
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