1. I know people just don’t care about US soccer and it makes me mad

  2. In retrospect, as infuriated as I was when the ref reversed the Slovenia goal, I think that the whole sense of “we need to win this game against Algeria” made Donovan’s goal a million times better. Thanks ref, from Mali, for allowing me to enjoy the top 3 happiest moments of my life. UnStopAble. -3

  3. This is true. After the disallowed goals I went back and found out that something like 5 of the last 11 US goals had been disallowed mysteriously. It’s a pretty profound problem for them in World Cups and, for whatever reason, gets fairly little notice from the general sport’s fanbases.

  4. I just love how everybody says USA sucks, but the reason why we can’t win games is because we play against the refs in every single game we play! It’s pathetic!

  5. This drug crazed song is totally inappropriate for any sport video lol
    Everything i hear this song i just imagine people ODing on drugs like in the movie

  6. World Football is the only real true sport!
    Everything else is just a spinoff/ cheap knockoff

  7. I remember the goal at 4:40 I was in summer school and my school let the teachers put the game on the projectors and the whole school was screaming. Then the goal was disallowed and that was all she wrote…

  8. if that stupid ref didnt call off the goal by edu then we wouldnt have had to rely on the algeria match, if we tied the algeria match i would want to punch that ref in the face

  9. Don’t be scared you clown, US is going to dominate another sport in the next ten years….shut the fuk up

  10. awww i made you mad =]
    Youre not even trying to be rational anymore cause you know Im right so you bust out the ol ignorant comments attitude.
    Typical youtube troll….

  11. i dont care about rankings, ANYBODY can wain on ANY givin day. you are so stupid go watch some shitty mexican national team videos

  12. I don’t think I screamed so much before than when Donovan scored that game winning goal in stoppage time.. It was such a great feeling… you hate when games are like that when they are happening but then love them if they end well

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