1. look this tha’ts german football fans, 10 000 dresden travel to Dortmund: /watch?v=7YuJDZ7sknk

  2. There is only one Black Army Stockholm Since 1981 ! Look things up before you start something shit heads .

  3. Message me man, apologize for my countries fucking around with yours. Ultras Respect to the greatest firm in Serbia DELIJE

  4. you just have to find the primary point of ultra movement and you’ll be solid. it’s not just smoke,flares and voice,it’s much more.It’s a lifestyle,specific clothes,nationalism, leadership, heart and soul you have to give to your club,fight has to be normal to you,you have to be on every game even if u don’t have money you somehow sneek in,you go on every away game even if it’s on the other part of the planet,you hang out with your group every day rspct from delije,red star. KOSOVO IS SERBIA 😉

  5. What is the song’s name

    Sorry for my english and respect from Switzerland !!!

  6. really nice! and unexpected 🙂
    would be nice to know if most american ultras are first generation euro/latino immigrants.

  7. @WatchZepocs these fans are better than any in england. English fans are terrible and don’t come close to any ultra from around the world

  8. Ultras are just known for causing trouble.
    Dont be Euro wannabes, be original like the English!

    sure weve got firms but there different to ultras.

  9. Yeah, these american ultras are getting better and better. Not as good than the European Ultras and South American Ultras, but I like them. That’s cooler than thosemeventfans in american football, baseball, basketball and icehockey. Greets from AUSTRIA

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