1. did I say you lose? i say you didn’t win, not that you lose, I hope you know the difference dumbass.
    about 3rd goal that is the referee decision, it’s always his subjective opinion, our team has lose games becouse of referee also(not speaking about this WC only). I don’t say you can’t beat Slovenia or Slo can’t beat USA everything is possible. hey and you had also a big luck on our disappointment when you scored a goal in the last minutes agains Algeria, that is just the way soccer is

  2. @remus2fly We didnt lose dumbass it was a TIE = 2-2 and besides usa should have qotten that 3rd goal (if that referee hadnt said it was foul which it wasnt) then usa would have won the qame. It dont matter cuz we will beat SLOvenia anytime anyday!

  3. Soccer as a sport in the United States is DWARFED by all other sports. Most kids don’t grow up playing it, hence why the US has had a spotty history when it comes to soccer. Your logic is flawed.

  4. so what look how much bigger your country is and you fail to win a match agains small sLOVEnia! idiots

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