1. this guys “simon” is a Sounder hater..he ALWAYS talks down about the Sounders..the FACT is that we (Sounders) are 4-1-1 and what are the LA..oh yeah thats right..get your facts right Simon!!

  2. Chicago has experience with developing rivalries with teams in the Pacific Northwest. The Blackhawks know all about that.

  3. he constantly says stupid things. thats his m.o.

    also he smells like sardines

  4. Simon Borg needs to be suspended after his completely ill founded comments about women during his podcast. He said it is “unattractive” for women to be major soccer fans… WTF what guy doesn’t want a girl who shares his passion???

  5. Pretty sure that playing a game for an U-21 team makes you tied to that country for the rest of your career… I thought it was up until U-19 that you could switch. (Mikel Arteta not being able to play for England springs to mind )

  6. Loved watching the Open Cup last year. Not a Seattle or Chi fan but the authentic rivalry on and off the pitch provides a great atmosphere.

  7. @Ge0vone your really annoying. you go on Sounders videos just to leave stupid comments.

  8. Beitashour plays more like a Wingback. He’s good at defending, but he like’s to go up and assist or attack.

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