1. chivas usa needs to be moved and rebranded!! Dan Kennedy. . . I am so sorry
    you deserve better than this. smh.

  2. my idea, get rid of chivas, put a team in downtown san fran, create a
    rivalry between san jose and the new san francisco and you create a whole
    new market, also move the fire from bridgeview to downtown, the attendance
    will shoot up but 20,000 and they will be the new seattle

  3. u mad bro? Red Star is a legendary club greatest in eastern europe, best
    fans, ucl tittle….

  4. MUCH better performance from the Galaxy..Donovan was fantastic and he
    deserves to be playing oversea.Overall i think He’s a better player than
    Dempsey with his ability to pass the ball to his teammates.I felt bad for
    Kennedy though,great performance from him but still had to give up 4 goals

  5. @OIHACKERXX in all honesty, hes been quite poor. like 1 goal in 17 games
    all year plus a knee injury mid season. he probably just needs some time to
    adjust to his new team though cuz he is quite talented

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