Women’s Soccer Team of Canada Play Tournament Amidst Protest on Pay Equity


The women’s soccer team of Canada said that they are going to participate in the She Believes Cup amidst protests after the dispute on pay equity with the national federation is still unresolved. While talking to the media before the opening game at Orlando against the US Women’s National Team, Janine Beckie, Canada forward said that the team has been operating under protest at the time of their training session; the players were wearing their jerseys inside out.

Janine Beckie said that she thinks that they have made it clear that they are operating under a protest at a minute. Thus, they decided as a team that they are going to do this and showcase their solidarity and it is one of the ways they decided to do that. Her comment had after an announcement from Canadian Soccer Players’ Association saying that they are going to take job action.

A statement released by the CSPA stated that they are demanding a change to be made immediately. They said that they expect and deserve no less than to be treated fairly and equally and to have their program, and their World Cup preparation funded appropriately. The statement also added that they are left feeling frustrated yet again, disrespected deeply by Canada Soccer.

The Women’s team of Canada was supported by its male counterpart when the men’s team released a statement that said that it was wholeheartedly behind the women’s team in lobbying Canada Soccer to offer equal and reasonable working conditions and compensation. Nevertheless, the strike action had been canceled after the players had been threatened by Canada Soccer with legal action and CSPA believed that it could have led to damage of millions of dollars for an unlawful strike.