1. Ok srry my bad. Then more more more more more shame to America who olmost vs Slovenia who have only 2 mil. ppl. Half of shame .

  2. Lol you have bad grammar so even
    Mexico can beat slovania like nothing and USA beat them like 2 months ago in a friendly

  3. Realy? Slovenia have only 2 millons ppl. And America? about 50 mil or 100mil???

    Dont be so smart boy America suck

  4. The Spanish game I was talking about wasn’t a friendly, it was the Confederations Cup.

  5. I believe it should have been 3 to 2 USA, but a bad call by the ref made Slovenia tie the Americans. Even the announcers agreed. And saying Donovan sucks is a lie, he was on pace to tie David Villa and Forlan for most goals. Also he makes Everton beat the best teams in the premiere league. Don’t believe me, look it up. Also he was 2002 WC young player of the tournament. You’re just upset because you didn’t advance the group stage, but it’s ok, you lost to the team that came in first. We can play

  6. Fuck slovenia
    Brazil bitch
    And US is better
    Even mexico cam beat slovenia like 5-0

  7. All of you Suckers don’t know how to play soccer. Slovenia was better! Half of a USA team should have RED Card. You suck Donavan! You wana kill HANDANOVIČ! You don’t even know what it means to play football!!!!!!

  8. hahaha thats wassup!! and you know mexico got robbed on the first goal by argentina, and got unlucky on the second argentina goal as well.

  9. damn im mexican n i think usa should have won that game. fukin referee

  10. tim howard sucks idk why hes compared to top keepers like chech and buffon

  11. what i like about the USMNT is that they have fighting spirit no matter how much hate they get from other countries and also that we dont play dirty for the most part.

  12. Best team to me, more fair play team with talent players, I love Depmsey and Donovan. You guys are beasts lol

  13. I said excluding the world cup games. Anyways…the second most watched “single annual” sporting event in the world after the UEFA then. But i know the viewing numbers are pretty close.

  14. lol, the super bowl isn’t even close to world cup games. And the Champions league final is the most watched annual sporting event.

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