1. Wow umm i live in canada and i support the us national team. Is that how people feel around me?

  2. Good for all the rape US promotes in Latin America with the World Bank and IMF

  3. so you just pretty much said you and many other people that “hate the USA” yes they live here?..are greedy pigs?…my parents are from mexico and they love everything the USA has done for them..for example they dont have to worry something as simple like worrying where there next meal is going to come from..like i said dont like the US you hate it? get steppin..oh wait your to fucken greedy

  4. its okay i guess support mexico but why disrespect USA by booing there anthem right?>

  5. The United States in its 236 years of age can be labeled as the indigenous holocaust and the home of the slaves. Corporate America dancing offbeat to the rhythm. You think this country never sponsored terrorism? Human Rights violations we continue the saga. El Salvador the contras and Nicaragua, And on top of that you still wanna take me to prison, just because I wont trade humanity for patriotism.

  6. Well said Joe Hicks, fuck these Mexican assholes don’t bite the hand that feeds you bitches

  7. Is it really that big of a deal? My cousin is in the US Army and he supports the Mexican NT, and ppl still give him shit for that.

  8. maybe their just glory surporters i mean most people like ti cheer the better team, USA sucks at football atm

  9. 1 fema and other goverments profit off disasters were they get money off u.s. citizens and fundraisers and only a small percentage off that money arrives there 2 degrees do count as degrees just that experience and connections is the real reason people go to college i like the people in the u.s. but not u.s.modern goverment wich based on deception,propaganda and patriotism and a two party dictatorship and many americans are moving out of u.s some even are moving to mexico

  10. How exactly does the U.S profit off of natural disasters? Your statements are not true. U.S degrees are still worth something because the U.S has the strongest college system in the world. It is true that some people that we helped have turned against us. My life in the U.S is great I’m sorry if your family didn’t have the same experience but millions of people who have moved here love ot and have a great life.

  11. Ok I shall name just a few in recent years. The earth quake that hit Haiti the U.S marines were the first people3 to get to Haiti and provide relief and the U.S provided aton equipment and man power. The Tsunami in Japan, The huge earth quake in Pakistan. Yes we helped aton in Pakistan even though the people don’t like us we still helped them. Remember the miners in Chile that were stranded guess who provided the equipment and operated it. Engineers from the U.S army. So theres a few examples Ha

  12. swedish blog , website or

    swedish people are fans of the mexican team

    I have found the Video through the “Fabian Johnson” Keyword , i’m German

  13. ps los angeles was first established by the tongva nation then by mexicans indiginous to this region and african americans we are here to stay mexico is run by aryan puppets and not by its brown people so stop saying if you love mexico go back because if you love usa why are u.s. people moving to mexico were the rich are having all the glamour just because the the dollar is collapsing

  14. you actually belive that propaganda my family moved there life sucks
    natural disaters happens u.s. are the first to profit off it
    u.s. attack themselves to encourage its people to attack another country were they have supported terrorism
    u.s. degrees dont count for shit anymore its all propaganda in the u.s. people with degrees cant find jobs because its experience what they want

  15. Can you please provide a single example in the last ten years of the U.S. being the first country to provide relief to another after any natural disaster? Thanks.

  16. Kemiztri is a fucking parasites, i honestly found him in at least 5 different US videos blabbering his mouth, he is not only a damn disease but a hypocrite. he claimed he was Mexican living in the usa, then he claimed he was Mexican and Portuguese living in Argentina. he takes sides on what teams are bigger, his face matches his personality. UGLY. a lot of my freinds are mexican americans, and i love the fun rivalry we encounter but have no respect for the ignorance in mexican soccer.

  17. i dont care about what team u support wherever u live buti think its dumb to go to another country and boo their team especially if they give u the chance to live there

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