1. That was one of the least offside calls I’ve ever seen, terrible reffing. Should’ve been 3-1

  2. ultras stand up san jo looking like their championship years and at times better with much more offence

  3. “He played himself offside”….. yeah real good rationale for the sideline ref being a complete dumb ass.

  4. “He played himself offside” what does that even mean? opara was infront of the defender but behind the ball there was no offside

  5. actually when lenhart headed the ball, the guy who tapped it in was behind the ball… learn the rules

  6. I can’t stand watching the union anymore. They are playing horrible soccer and the commentators are absolutely awful. The team did so well last year; I wish they could’ve kept all the original players (Le Toux, Mapp, Ruiz) …. Hopefully they can turn it around once our injured people are back. They need Carroll and Torres out there

  7. Philly sure does like their away kit more than their home kit. Anyways, I feel your pain, my timbers also concede goals late in the game.

  8. Yeah. I was hoping that they was going to show the video that had Gus Johnson doing the announcing instead of these two oafs.

  9. that disallowed goal was good, Glad the SJ Earthquakes got the win they had earned though.

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