1. So US soccer has to make a simple decision: Do we play it because we like or do we play it to be the best in it?

    And always throwing the quality of the WNT into the discussion just shows the lack of knowledge of US soccer officials!

    Yes… the WNT is great - But nobody in world soccer really cares about women`s soccer!

    It`s like saying “We are the best in figure skating”!

  2. Brings us back to the starting problem: The leagues in countries like Mexico Brazil Argentina or even Japan are much stronger than MLS – Especially the one in Brazil in which right now a lot of money is pumped in!

    So young players who are leaving the “academies” (or simply just the streets like in poor parts of South America) are thrown into a much better environment to improve themselves which makes them way more attractive to european clubs than young US players!

  3. they are higher talented cause the sport is bigger in theyre country then it is in the US. i cannot imagine that a huge nation like the US wont produce worldclass players in the future, cause they have enough potential. many player that MNT has are not homemade, they are all german americans, dutch americans, french americans etc etc. once the quality will improve then u will see more US players play in europe, right now there are some young talented players that play in europe

  4. And this “Why don`t more US players play in european leagues-question” asked even by experts is so silly!

    UEFA only allows three non-UEFA-players to be on the field during the match – And south americans africans and even asians are higher talented than US players and by the way much cheaper!

  5. The neutral US viewer watches the MLS and MNT and says “Well… it isn`t the best league in the world and we are not even playing in a strong confederation – So why should I care about this crap if we can`t reach anything?!”.

    And successes on the youth level do not mean anything – Several smaller soccer nations constantly are winning trophies on the youth level! But then their players have to join weak leagues etc. and are not able to improve themselves!

  6. Well… China has a population of over 1,5 billion people and they don`t play any role in world soccer – So the size of the population isn`t really an argument!

    And the biggest argument against MLS becoming a “Top 5 League”: You are part of crappy CONCACAF!

    And by the way: Your mentality is a big problem too – In real “soccer countries” people love soccer. They don`t care if they are playing in the first second or third division or if their club has any chance to reach UEFA champions league!

  7. “Someone who can score 10-15…goals year in and year out.”  Clint Dempsey, anyone? Granted, his biggest season have been the two since South Africa. Too bad this wasn’t a World Cup year – Dempsey and Donovan have been in terrific form against great competition all year! Just keep it going for two more years (and add some backline help, too)…

  8. I agree wit kilsmann.. He so fucking cool.. He know every thing about soccer in usa…

  9. the modern way of football, instead of really improve them in physical and athletic part they also need to play and know the game better, the passing the shooting the quick ballhandling, agility and creativity the technique thats what the US misses, there is not really a philosofy. but i can say to u that ur country wi on day be in the top 5 leagues in the world. u have 300 milion civilians so plenty of talents. and americans always learn fast

  10. in a soccer club or whatever u want. now the draft system all the US players gottan drafted. thats not a good way of bringing talents. here every pro football club has a youth academ for instance lets say arsenal 1st squad, then u have under 20 years, under 19 years, under 18 etc. thats how u can bring talents and give better education in football, and giving the right football system, ussually americans play the baisc way of football, they need to learn them

  11. there is nothing to be ashamed of. in the USA football isnt the main sport or atleast in the top 3, and kids dont embrace it. kids in the US only play football when theyre on highschool, in europe, south america etc kids play outside often after school thats where they get theyre technique from and really adapt urself in football. in europe school and sport are seperated u dont need to play soccer through a school. just sign urself in somewhere near ur house

  12. When is Klinsmann finally gonna produced some wins? All he’s doing right now is stealing players from other countries like Hurzeler, Williams, Chandler, Boyd. I wish we actually produced some of our own players and didn’t have to look for players with US ancestry all over the place.

  13. saludos desde laredo tx. les recomiendo estos videos de abel un exelente delantero bi-campeon de goleo 2010 y 2011 a nivel escolar 73 goles en 4 torneos tienen que verlo (increible).

  14. saludos desde laredo tx. les recomiendo estos videos de abel un exelente delantero bi-campeon de goleo 2010 y 2011 a nivel escolar 73 goles en 4 torneos tienen que verlo (increible).

  15. You can only improve yourself through real competition – Friendly games do not mean anything.

  16. Having leading figures like Landon Donovan is the problem – Donovan is a loser who didn`t make in any of the big leagues.

    Second problem: The “NBA-, NFL-, NHL-Mentality” – Premiership might be the “best” league in the world but playing for a shitty club there doesn`t mean anything but … well … playing for a shitty club.

  17. Look at Alexi. He is spinning his pen and wants to speak. The man, Jurgen Klinsmann, is telling the truth and people like Alexi Lalas do not want to hear what Klinsmann is saying. The US Soccer model is a failed system. There’s no other major US national sports team that plays at a worst level than US Soccer. The bottom line is US Soccer needs to attract the top athletes. We’ll NEVER win with these soft silver spooned kids who have parents that have bought their way into US Soccer. It’s a joke!

  18. because of him, we will win a world cup, not in 2014 or 2018 but he wants to change things

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