1. WTF is up with that map in the beginning? The republic of Ireland didn’t just fall into the ocean. smh

  2. @mitchell5702 yeah, I love them both!!!! It’s so hard to decide!!! But I love Jozy slightly more than Landon…

  3. Step your game up man. You have rep our country! We have forwards who want to produce if you do not. Work hard or just stay at Hull.

  4. Living for a while in Leeds, Jozy you should no know Hull have nothing on Leeds United. European Cup runners up and semi finalists, bigger stadium, bigger fanbase, louder fans, better league position (Leeds are in play off spot, Hull are mid table). In fact you should probably just skipped Hull and signed for Leeds.

  5. he most likely imported the car from the US where the wheel is on the left instead of buying a car on British soil

  6. year long loan with hull with an option to buy but i dont know if they will buy him. he is probably going to be sent on another loan. he should move to england permannatly though

  7. I thought he would do better than he did for Hull, though I suppose it doesn’t help if your playing for a relegation battling team. I wouldn’t mind Liverpool snapping him up. He’s only 20, and better than David Ngog anyday!

  8. You have a mediocre life. Why do you spend your time clicking on a video of somebody you don’t even like, or do you just have too much time on your hands? You’re just wasting your time and giving this video of him more views.

  9. love him, great athlete, great attitude, and a great role model for young American kids wanting to play soccer

  10. @elegate87 playing is a strong word. he was stuck on the bench behind another american standout, giuseppe rossi. got loaned to xerez and finally hull. next year he will be probably be loaned again as hull is relegated.
    @dsmb2007 nice! pretend like you dont suck at your job. go back to flipping burgers and let his manager evaluate his actions.

  11. wait why is the steering wheel on the left side of his car?  Isn’t it the other way around in England?

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