1. in other news mexico is about to make a new league that will change mexico football for good.

  2. okay, she is okay. i’m just resistant to change. i.e. i didn’t like michael kammarman at first, and then i didn’t like each subsequent studio 90 host at first after…. i ended up liking them all. she is doing fine, lol.

  3. 17 seconds in and i got to say, her body movement is distracting, and not in a good way. just annoying, ha!

  4. dig the new reporter and how she subtlely flirts with the camera, unlike the previous dudes who just looked stoned. also has more life to her delivery than the previous guys. and she is KEEE-YUUTE =D

  5. Playing for the Ft. Lauderdale strikers and our philosophy is exactly what Klinsmann wants.

  6. Klinsy is building the national team from the ground up… future looks bright!

  7. Double reason for him to bring US soccer forward… :D
    Go USMNT – go Jürgi!

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