2. woah cool man! Thanks for the info! Maybe i should rephrase my comment to best goal for the U.S in the past 10 years! Again thanks for the info!

  3. – sorry, but none of us have seen the greatest goal in US soccer history – Joe Gaetjens scored a goal in the 1950 World Cup to beat England 1-0. That is the greatest goal in US soccer history. A complete disaster for England. A fantastic triumph for USA. I’m sure this info has been posted prior.

  4. yea it would be amazing to see the best basketball players and US football players compete

  5. You are absolutely right. America produces some un-freaking-believable athletes BUT those athletes don’t play this sport. If we pulled some of our BEST talent of the courts or fields of other sports as kids and taught them soccer we would KILL on an international level in this sport. However, in America that’s not what we teach our kids. =/ Our team is still ok but with the level of athletes we put out here we COULD be BEAST….but we aren’t. Still a loyal fan though! U-S-A!

  6. I love it: This ass is brought to you by: The Kansas City Wizards! CLASSIC

  7. Greatest goal in U.S. Soccer history??? Ehh I think this one and Abby Wambach’s are battling it out for the top spot.

  8. @nitro300 dude shut the fuck up you come on to a video about us men’s soccer goal and go into detail about schools in europe no one gives a shit you moron watch the video and shut the fuk up. You obviously have nobody to talk to so maybe you should invest in a dog you dips hit

  9. Reason America won’t win is its not the Passion they don’t have the coaching and they don’t develop talent like Europe plus the schools in Europe are first class to the ncaa a really good football player does not not go to the ncaa. Plus you have basketball baseball and pigskin.

  10. again im not saying we have more passion then you
    we do have passion but not to the degree of other nations around the word
    if u said we didnt have passion 20 years ago id agree with you because no one in the US cared about soccer back then
    eventually we will have just as much passion as you do for the sport
    wont be for awhile but it will happen

  11. i dont go around youtube calling people out
    i go onto youtube to watch videos of things i would like to watch like 99 percent of the people on this site
    and i do have a job thank you

  12. Show me a video of sports passion in the USA, show me…. Attendance proves passion ? Yeah if the team is playing good and if the ticket is cheap.. Europeans invented singing ? Why don’t u inform yourself about ‘barras’ in South America, which are the hard core fans in South America.. They started in Argentina & Uruguay and the movement started in the 19th century… please, americans don’t have passion, that’s why when they go to other stadiums in other countries they’re like woooww

  13. I think its working gloriously according to plan. Your the douche bag who goes around “calling people out” on youtube. Get a job ya nipple head. And brush your teeth.

  14. ok singing is a european thing so dont act like you came up with that
    and so what if we dont sing, singing doesnt prove passion
    attendance proves passion
    and there are alot of people that attend MLS games
    im not saying we have more passion than your cuntry because we dont but america does have passion when it comes to soccer
    just not to the same degree as some other countries
    that being said, it still doesnt mean we dont have passion

  15. So ? What does it matter if you can fit even 200,000 people in a stadium, if they don’t even sing ? USA is boring man.. get over it

  16. who are you to say what passion is?
    i dont go to a baseball game or a football game and my city doesnt even have an NBA team
    and go to an MLS game and there is over 30,000 people there and thats because the stadiums arent big enough to hold the 100,000 that an NFL stadium would hold

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