1. Japan women are way better technically than USA Women, what world cup were you guys watching

  2. also heat have lebron to run pg mostly. they have the frontline problem but tyson chandler doesn’t do most of his damage on the offensive end anyways. he was heavily involved in the interior defense that stopped lebron and wade from penetrating in the paint though. i also thought haslem’s defense on dirk woulda helped them lk in the 06 finals, but dirk was better this time.

  3. well i thought on paper miami was better because of the fact they had d wade and lebron, two superstars on a team who are two huge offensive threats and defensive threats, and another capable scorer in chris bosh, and probably the 2nd best defense after chicago. dallas did have a deeper team, but in the end you will almost always have to have your starters perform big like mj bulls beating the deep pacers. dallas’ d shutdown wade and lebron and miami’s defense crashed.that was the biggest reason

  4. Why the hell are they comparing women soccer to men basketball any way

  5. This is no contest. The women’s world cup final was a good hard fought game between very good teams. It went to penalty kicks, which is the last option to decide a winner. Regulation and overtime wasn’t enough. Japan defeated powerhouses Germany and Sweden to get to the final, and it was a tough match. Fucking Miami said they would win multiple rings, ended up in the finals with 3 superstars, blew a huge lead at home TWICE, and let old Dallas take the win. This shouldn’t even be a question.

  6. Miami better than the Mavs? everyone forget how deep the Mavs roster was? lol

    the hypa made the heat seem alot better lol

  7. Heat had home court advantage. Mavs win series in 6 after sweeping Lakers.
    How is it again that the Heat were really the better team?
    The same Heat with no center? With no point guard?
    With the pairing of two dimwits. (Not Bosh) What evidence is there that the Heat were really better? I’d love to hear it.

  8. The Dallas Mavs are very good, they’re swept the Lakers. we’ll, people think different.

  9. MIami Heat!…… they celebrated and predicted their hundreds of championships before their season EVEN BEGAN and ended up falling flat on their nose. Fuck the Heat. But I do feel for the Women’s Soccer Team it was terrible watching that heartbreaking loss.

  10. oh well at least they made the finals and have a chance to win for years to come better than being a wizards or bobcats fan

  11. not everyone thought the women would win the world cup even though alot of us were pulling for them

    the heat was the overall favorite

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