1. It doesn’t mater wether Chivas USA play with there subs or with there main
    Players there Bad Really Bad. If they continue like this it would be better
    for them to move to a lower soccer division. By the way the Portland
    Timbers Have shown to be a Strong Soccer Team . Keep it up Guy’s

  2. Orlando, Sacramento, Atlanta, San Antonio, Detroit, Edmonton, Winnipeg,
    Minnesota, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Nashville, Indiana, Charlotte, Miami, San
    Fran, Austin, Ontario, am I missing anyone else?

  3. MLS, please move Chivas USA to San Diego or some other location, or
    relegate them to the NASL. I honestly feel it’s for the better. Thank you.

  4. I went to this game. I’m normally a Galaxy fan but Chivas USA was giving
    free tickets away at a AYSO game so that’s why I went. It’s so dead there.
    The only reason the seats were half filled was cuz they gave so many
    tickets away. That’s probably the best attendance they’ve gotten all
    season. The MLS needs a relegation system to give other teams that have
    better fan support a chance. There’s plenty out there. Just look at Orlando

  5. Meanwhile, the New York Cosmos won the NASL fall season and are going to
    play in the Soccer Bowl at Atlanta. Right now, I have no reservations in
    saying that the Cosmos have a better club, a better organization, and a
    better team than Chivas USA. In fact, we could probably make a fairly
    lengthy list of teams from across the USA and Canada that are better and
    would be better for the league than the goatskin doormats.

  6. I imagine they may end up promoting 2 or 4 teams over the next few years.
    it encourages competition in the league, but they have to be careful so it
    doesn’t disrupt the structure of the matches and the conferences.

  7. one advice to increase soccer in usa, is that you have to every season
    relegate the 3 worst teams from your league and to ascend the 3 best from a
    second division

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