1. Hi guys my name is Evan, I’m 17 and play soccer for the Columbus Crew Pre Academy (USA). I am making tutorials on anything anyone requests, so tell me what you want and how you would like a tutorial on a certain move, trick, or shot. I’m also going to be creating short soccer films and vlogs, so please help me out.

  2. please watch one of our soccer trick shot videos, it would really help, thanks

  3. Carli is perfect midfielder, I love watch her in defensive live conducting ball, making wonderful long passes and its strong perfect shots outside box and penalty area. However press spoken only Solo Morgan and Waby

  4. Whenever i see these kind of “trickshots” i just imaging the take after take of recording then deleting the failed footage and making it look like you did it on your first try. Still pretty impressive

  5. “Very expensive camera” – not.
    And it is supposed to take a lot more than a football hitting it.

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