1. WTF does he care? Half if not a three fourths of latinos (mainly Mexicans)
    hate the USMNT anyway.

  2. Hahahaha yo tambien me fui a una local market y kompre la de argentina
    brasil usa mexico y creo alemania por 17 dolares!!! Me permitieron lleva
    las playeras al trabajo y con tal de ir en tenis y playerita 😉 pues a la
    tienda jajajaja me encantan tus videos EdG!!!! Un saludo y lo mejor de los
    exitos con esta serie!!! Despues de el mundial deverias hacer videos de un
    poco de aprendizaje 

  3. ¿Porque mejor no eres crítico de fútbol Eddie? ¡Saludos! Ahí andamos
    siempre viendo tus buenos videos en tu canal. 

  4. Fútbol fútbol y más futbooool!! viva el mundial, que pena que España no
    pueda jugar más partidos porque cuando juega bien realmente es un placer
    verlos jugar.
    Un abrazo!!

  5. First: Since when does it matter if Latinos play in the US national team? A
    national team tries to get the best talent of their country wether their in
    the country or outside of it, If I was the American coach I wouldnt care
    wether ur black, white, or any race what matters is talent, dedication, and

    Second: Yes it could help the US team but they have to do the effort as
    well, I understand some people have daily jobs to support their families
    and dont have the time but they cant expect scouts knocking on their doors
    as well like college boys or going to parks that arnt known training
    grounds, football is a risk and dedication u have to know what ur giving up
    in order to be able to be succesful, u dont have to be the next messi or
    ronaldo to be discovered u need to investigate look for oppurtunities
    dedicate time to the sport

  6. +Oh Em Gee, It’s Eddie G! It is soccer, Football is a giant umbrella term,
    I was researching one time to prove this to a british arse and I came
    across all this stuff, FOOTBALL is originally what soccer was called BUT
    THEN Rugby came along and names changed by this point, American football is
    Gridiron-Football, Irish have Gaelic-Football, Canadian-Football, “Footy”
    (which is aussie football), Also Rugby-Football and etc. all of the sports,
    Soccer, Football, Rugby all stem from the same tree and that tree is
    “Football” once these 3 sports came around they then had sports based off
    eachother and so in short Football is the root, “Football”, Soccer, and
    Rugby are the stems from this root, Just wished to let you know and if
    possible could you do more digging into this and maybe make it a news
    commentary??, I feel like not many people recognize this.

  7. He’s right so many Latinos who are American play at my local park and they
    play so good they should be on the USA soccer team 

  8. Half of the US team is GERMAN and can’t even speak English.
    Had a Latino who couldn’t speak English been in the team, they would of
    gotten Bashed. But since they are black germans… oh, “hes american as
    they come”.

    Fuck the US national team. Especially after Donovan got ditched. Get more
    Latinos or Chicanos in the US team and ill support. Until then Fuck
    Klingsman and the US team. MExico is still the king of Concaf even
    without CARLOS VELA.

  9. how do you expect american culture to be sustained with a 1.9 fertility
    rate if we let 1000s of immigrants in. people who protect the borders are
    not in the wrong because they realize what is truly at stake. i don’t mind
    immigrants at all but there is no reason for mass immigration to one

  10. jaja el commercial me trajo aqui yea i felt like commenting in both
    languages cause i can 

  11. No wonder. In my opinion, it needs to start from the college level.
    Colleges shold recruit more latino soccer players and provide scholarships.
    I know that soccer doesn’t have the same sponsorship ie. $. But if we’re
    competing internationally we should #1 reflect our population and #2 play
    to win which starts with good players, latinos or not.

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