1. nah some teams like Chicago and DC haave brought´╗┐ some great away support to BMO… but seriously, they havent come close to out-singing us.

  2. No one heard Section 8 in Toronto. They were being drowned out by the casual fans around them. Didn’t hear DC either when they came.. even watched the telecasts, nothing but RPB/U-Sec´╗┐ chants/songs. NOTHING from the opposing support.

  3. Chicago’s Section 8 out sang the red patch boys in Toronto. Section 8 might not be as big, but they sure as hell sing more than the red patch´╗┐ boys. DC united fans sing more than the red patch boys too.

  4. did Wynne just say RSL have great fan support?

    i couldnt´╗┐ hear the crowd lasttime i watched a RSL game only some lame ass tribal drum beats drowning out everything playing the same thing the whole bloody game.

    ohhhh danny dichiooooo

  5. Toronto FC fans yes we are GREAT!!!!!!! Red Patch Boys!!!´╗┐ TFC TFC TFC TFC TFC TFC TFC TFC TFC TFC TFC!!!

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