1. wow i watched the usa vs. australia game and remembered hearing that he is a contender for the coach. i thought he would never be the coach. wow. i hope he has a good time

  2. USSF should be an example and be a good organization but it became a Guantanamo for Arab  coaches in the united states. Please visit this channel to understand what is going on: USSFRACISM

  3. I agree. IMO, the dynamics among the players are the most important for this new coach. He is inheriting the best team in the world but if his coaching style mess with the amazing dynamics between the women then it will be a disaster. In fueling the competition between the players there’s a thin line between bringing out the best and resentment, be careful. A world class coach doesn’t need to resort to that.

  4. KO has proven to rise above the challenges of being new to the backline. I think she’s excellent in the left… Kriegs should take back her rightful spot as RB and KO should really be developed as LB.

  5. I’m giving him a chance and I agree that improvements are needed. I also think that it’s his prerogative to make SOME changes and fuel the competition between the players to bring out the best in everybody but if he screws up the working dynamics between the players I’m gonna be really pissed. I think the reason why this bunch of players and very different personalities got along so well on and off the field is cause of Pia’s philosophy. I would hate for a new system to ruin that. Just saying.

  6. Oh and on the Midfielder comment, USA has very good midfielders- they do however, struggle with the back line, they definitely need to find 1 or 2 more defenders if Rampone leaves but she has her eyes set on another world cup. (Sorry had too many characters had to make 2 comments)

  7. There’s a limit on how many players you can have on an Olympic Roster, they couldn’t have Press. Also A-Rod is an awesome forward but sadly for her Morgan and Wambach are both nominations for player of the year, I mean thats why she gets little playing time- she has a lot of experience though. Annnnnd Leroux who is very similar to Morgan but she is younger and doesnt have as much experience, if she got more playing time she would be a top forward too.

  8. Okay well A-Rod barely plays and Press was a reserve so that doesn’t necessarily count. Hopefully she will make the roster this season though. Plus Cheney is better as a mid and she keeps the middle strong. So I think we could use 2 or so more strong forwards.

  9. Only 3? haha the United States took 5 forwards to the Olympics. Wambach, Morgan, Leroux, Amy Rodriguez and Christen Press who was a reserve. Not to mention Lauren Cheney has experience at the national level as a striker.

  10. If I were Sermanni I would look at every American player who is playing overseas right now, and there are a lot of them. They are playing consistently with some of the world’s best, in competitions that matter, in leagues that are competitive. Keelin Winters, Christen Press, Ingrid Wells, Yael Averbuch, Meghan Klingenberg, Camille Levin, Gina Lewandowski, Sarah Hagen, Niki Cross etc. Then college kids: Dunn, Nairn, Mewis sisters, Ohai, Stengel, Killion, Green, Johnston etc. Use them, please.

  11. Preferably I think the back line will change once sermanni starts.kriegs will stay as RB an Ohara as LB. CB’s William what we need

  12. I agree leave the forwards the way the are and the middle is strong keep Shannon, Carly, Megan!, Heather, Tobin, and Cheney, Bring Ali back to strengthen the back line and maybe don’t put sydney in defense when we are down 😉 I wonder if Kelly Ohara is worried with Ali healed and all…

  13. I like Tobin but Megan is my favorite player. They both have the risk taking mind set that opens up the team for some great plays. I think megan has a little more control over her crosses and sets up the forwards more often. Really don’t want Tom to take either of these players off the pitch.

  14. I’m excited to see what he can bring to the team. I just hope he sees the potential in Rapinoe because she is a risk taker and had to win Pia over. One of the best players just really hope she gets playtime.

  15. Ali will be back people! She was injured for the London Olympics and is currently playing for her German club, that’s why she hasn’t been playing in the victory tour!
    Support the new coach! Hope he continues the great job with these spectacular ladies!

  16. He will bring Ali back she wasn’t with the team cause she was playing in Germany with her football club he will bring her back no worries people. quit acting like she won’t be playing for the USWNT anymore…

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