1. :36
    Thats the man right there.
    The one that looks all soft and quiet is the dangerous fast one.

  2. Says the person from the country where they call it “Calcio”.

  3. idiot….Brazil the country or any host for that matter do not hire refs.

  4. You got it one day! But Brazil better hire ref’s that don’t give out disallowed goals.

  5. The US team played well. The Germans were lucky. Hugh Dallas was a terrible ref. One day you Americans will reach the finals and win the cup.

  6. the US seems to be in love with the 1950 kit cause of the 1-0 upset over england. but it was a pretty crummy tourney for us, we lost everything else, didn’t qualify and most players went back to obscurity. I think we should bring the ’02 kits back every now and then. This was a lucky, talented, over achieving, full of heart, full of MLS and plucky team that went further than ever before.

  7. The German national team was mediocre the best player was the goal keeper Oliver Kahn

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