1. Yeah without slow motion it’s hard to see but i guess the defender touched the ball with his hand while he was jumping

  2. pinchi pendejo poreso van a ir por cuarta vez este ano verdad? pinchi indio

  3. a mi sean de california o lalisco que chinguen a su madre las chivas….
    L[A[ R[E[B[EL C[U

  4. pachuca le gano al ah ahly 4-2 ayer en la noche que partidaso

    pachuca va ganr el campeonato mundial de clubes van a ver!

  5. vamos tuzos no se pudo aki pero vamos por el mundia lde clubes 2008 si sepuede

  6. que bien pero yo le voy a las chivas de mexico que son mejores xD

  7. atodos los de pachuca ke sean de corazon ke bien yo soy de corazon pachuca vaser campeon de la liga mexicana pachuca tuzo de 100% de corazon y gunajuato

  8. Damn that second goal from Pachuca was nice as hell. & SaitanMar the problem most people have with MLS is that its too evenly matched (& not in a good way) a lot of they’re games end 1-0 or 0-0 because they fight over the ball using not a lot of skill in midfield. & Not to mension if you were to show a European football fan an MLS game they would most likley compare our teams to their countires 2nd or 3rd league teams. Plus, people just like hating America lol

  9. Whats with all the hate towards the MLS, I’m a Villa fan and have to say that the MLS is a very entertaining league.

    Find all the hate confussing!

  10. penal
    q narrador tan mas cageta

  11. assfusion posts this on lots of MLS videos which means he’s watching them. What a fucking retard.

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