1. Didn’t really see any great saves there. They were all simple enough.
    I see the guy has been called up to the Ireland under 21 squad for a friendly game soon.

  2. Well of course you are going to complain, you’re a damn sounders fan. You guys don’t know what it feels like to have a crappy season. So you have to worry about another team/

  3. In my opinion, if New England deserved a draw, they would have gotten it. They had ample opportunities, they had possession 60% of the time, against a team with a completely rookie defense and goalie, and without Henry to guide their opponents. New England had 90 minutes (including 65 Henry-free minutes) to score, and they didn’t. Missing a few shots? Yeah, that might be luck. Not making one goal against a rookie defense the entire game? That’s just playing badly.

  4. Fuckin lucky. New england deserved atleast a draw. Sucks.

    Sounders fan

  5. He’s nervous, his ball handling skills are horrible. One day, one of those saves is going to land on the other teams feet and score.

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