1. I have to say, I really like MLS commentators. European commentators are always so surprised when the referee pulls out a straight red, the MLS commentators see it coming (I think they know that most refs have their reds in their back pockets), and then, rather than dithering about “Oh that was harsh” they just explain why the referee made the call without judging it a right or wrong call unless it is obvious.

  2. As silly a call as that may seem against Perez, I can see why the referee gave him a straight red. He catches Colorado’s player’s knee while the ball is still mid-air. Ref must’ve seen it as intentional and considering he was quick to flourish it, felt sure of it.

  3. MLS needs to start making these players get off the damn field after they get a red card.

  4. first one was fair becase it was second yellow, but the second one was clearly not on purpose he was trying to trap a waste high ball

  5. i dont agree with either of those calls…. yes for a yellow but not for a red.

  6. Funny how the Dallas commentators agreed with the second red, but the Colorado commentators didn’t. You’d think it’d be reversed.

  7. Maybe Dallas should have went with the blue jerseys (for more than one reason…) B)

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