1. Wrrronnnnnnngggggg, MLS fans are on the rise and they’re some groups who are quite similar and even more involved in supporting their teams than European Fan Groups. And as a Sounders fan – Scarves Up Seattle !- I definitely won’t say that Portland Timbers fans are the best. Emerald City Supporters does the job way better. Period. Though the Sounders-Timbers rivalry’s the best rivalry around MLS 😉 Go USA, you’re not ridiculous compared with Europe, don’t let Europeans tread on you!

  2. If MLS wants to make money then these are cities they should expan to
    Atlanta: Create a Rivalry with Florida’s MLS teams
    Florida (Maimi or Tampa Bay): Creat a Rivalry with Atlanta
    Edmonton: Create a stronger Canadian Championship Rivalry
    St. Louis: Create a rivalry with Chicago and Kansas
    Detriot: Creat a rivalry with Toronto and Chicago
    San Antonio or Austin: Create a stronger Texas Derby Rivalry

  3. You North American people who like Football (Futebol in my Country, Soccer in yours) have to see how European supporters support theirs team and do the samething, at this time I think that supporters of Portland Timber are the most similar to european supporters! Check this:
    and this:

    Just see otheres Ultra Suporters in Europe to improve MLS supporting 😉
    Sorry my ENglish anyway 😀

  4. What is the name of the first song?Are have americans who are fans of football (soccer)?If have they can write me in my channel or in PM!Sorry for my english 🙂

  5. Hehe it’s kind of funny that the MLS logo has a foot and a ball on the top of the logo.

  6. Very very good video. Idon’t like “soccer”… but… all of us understand football (or futbol)

  7. In future, MLS will be popular and more powerful than any other league such as Barclays Premier,La liga espanola, bundesliga etc… All the superstars will transfer there.

  8. They were the teams in Superliga that year. It’s a MLS vs FMF tournament. Superliga 2010 starts tomorrow. There has been some really good matches in previous years. You should check it out.

  9. By 2020, football/futbol/soccer will be bigger than declining baseball in the USA. It’ll be a summer highlight for every kid forever.

  10. T-O-R clap clap O-N-T clap clap O-O-O-O-O T-F-C clap clap. Best fans in the MLS

  11. what’s up with Chester? that place is the worst area in this country. gangster punks= no value to land or anything else. I would be a big fan if not in chester, the brothas will kill this.

  12. i agree your emotions about baseball it is not a real sport. ahhahaha but we will c what happen with philly union………………………

    lets go NEW YORK!

  13. Im living in argentina I always go to football matches, you cant begin to imagine how a stadium with 60,000 fans all jumping and chanting feels! the stadiums literally tremble. hope we can bring that to the US, and SOON!!! PLEASEEE!!!

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