1. That was an outstanding save by the Dallas GK. Beautiful stadium there in Vancouver.

  2. I hate turf. It is fake, plastic, and has no soul. I rarely loose footing in grass unless it is sopping wet. Turf is harder on the feet and body. The ball moves faster on turf.

  3. depends what the grass is like. how wet is it, how thick, etc. Turf is easier to play on imo since you can play w/ sneakers and be ok but will most likely slip all over on grass

  4. Sad about FC Dallas losing, but that was a pretty sweet goal Camille made..gah.

  5. That was a definite red card, Le toux had the pace on him and if he hadn’t stop him, then it was a goal scoring opportunity therefore dening a goalscoring opportunity is a red card offence

  6. 0:50 DANGEROUS STRIKE hahaha XD

    Joe Cannon and Break Shea was the battle I was so intersted in coming into this game 🙂

    By the way, I might have been inclined to give red for that foul. There was absolutely no attempt at the ball, it was pure body contact..

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