1. first red, justified. it was cleats up and everything. second red? good fucking lord is this ref mentally retarded. giving a red for getting stepped on. good job on the centerback flopping on the ground after actually being the one committing the foul.

  2. Cardenas getting a red there…laughable.
    Please have a committee to look at these things…

  3. 7:29 Middle-left of the screen, in front of the 18 yard line. FALCON PUNCH!!!

  4. Brettschneider’s goal: a goal so good the RSL commentator automatically assumed it was by Benny.

  5. MLS has shit refs. They even make videos to show how shit their refs are…

  6. the refs are freakin mediocre in the MLS they need to get better referees I know this is pretty much of a cliche but its about time the MLS did something…

  7. Oh, wow. Just witnessed the second red card. I disagree with both of them actually. The only reason I would justify the first would be if there were some words that were exchanged that we didn’t see…but it didn’t appear that way.

  8. I feel like Rimando is much better than he shows, even though he HAD AMAZING SAVES THIS MATCH. He needs to step up his game a little bit cause he’s got even more amazing potential. For him, it’s a lack of size and all the goals they score against him are spectacular. Nobody ever scores a “standard” goal against rimando, if someone scores, it’s because they put it in the perfect spot. BY THE WAY, the red card? I’ll be interested to see the mls review this call..because I disagree a bit..

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