1. Worst 94′ denim best by far…..11′ third kit. if you don’t know it’s the red jersey with the blue sash. that was sick. But im def not a fan of the new look at all.

  2. i dig the 2006 home jersey. White jersey with red and blue lines on the left side with one huge US Soccer logo. bad ass.

  3. I think it could be a lot worse. If you don’t have a strong tradition then why be traditional about the uniforms. Change them up, early and often. Let Phil Knight go crazy

  4. they wont use these for the world cup. its for 2012-2013 qualification season. i figure they’ll design new kits for all nike teams for the world cup.

  5. Can’t wait for you to get destroyed by Matt (who’s a former Marine, btw) on Capslock Realtalk.

  6. I think your both wrong… i hate USA, i think it is the cancer of the world, but if accept an advice i would say it is a good shirt the one you have now… it is distinctive, inspired in your disgusting flag with your national colours, and you can start a tradition with that. look argentina.. they have a light blue and white stripe shirt and it is one of the most famous shirts of all times.

  7. Just so you know, you wont be wearing these new shirts on the next World Cup, usually around April before a international competition the new designs are unveiled for pretty much all national teams involved in that competition.

  8. those 2010 away kits were sexy as hell but the new candy cane look is going to hurt my eyes for the next 24 months…

  9. Apart from the 2010 jerseys, which were just amazing, my favorite over the years was the 2006 home with the vertical stripe on the left. A good look. I always hated the 2002’s with the multicolored mesh triangles on the sides. That was also when every team had either the same Nike jersey or same Adidas jersey (except England’s Umbro), and everybody did their damndest to look like a new millenium cool kid.

  10. You’re messing with our minds, this is the first SBnation video ever where Matt was on the left and Dan on the right. We fear change.

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