The future of Scottish women’s football manager Anna Signeul has been thrown into doubt after Scotland suffered a 2-0 defeat at the hands of Netherlands. The result sees Scotland fail to reach the World Cup 2015 finals. It was rumoured that Signeul may consider stepping down from her position as a sign of accepting the failure to get the team to the finals. However, Signeul says that she was to carry on and help the team reach the European championships. Scotland came into the match against Netherlands knowing that they had to win by at least a two-goal margin in order to reach the next stage.

However, a 2-0 defeat means that they have now gone out of the competition after a 4-1 aggregate loss. Signeul says that one of the reasons for the failure of Scotland to reach the World Cup finals is likely to be down to the significantly lower investment in women’s football in the country. She says that the women’s game should attract more investment in order to develop better players. Her comments come at a time when even men’s football is struggling to keep up with the rest of the European leagues.

“We will qualify for the Euros in two years’ time, that’s for sure. We are disappointed, but when you see steady progress, we should be confident.” I think we need to develop the game on all levels. We need more players, we need a better league, a competitive league. We are very vulnerable when we have so few players, but we have done a fantastic campaign and it’s just sad that we can’t go on. We need to continue what we’re doing because it’s working and we have young players coming through,” said Signeul, who has been in charge of Scotland since 2005.