1. I’m trying hard to believe that but, that bias club only permits full blooded Mexican players.

  2. The kid has great skills and talent but if he needs to pass the ball more it looks like he just wants to show off.
    he has great kick dribbles well keep up the good work.

  3. he was showing off for those hynas in the sideline lol jk damn this kid is a sav i loved those 2 long range shots unstopable man keep it up!!!!

  4. Fucking Sick bro , Don’t Forget About Me. I Was The Kid Who Ask For Your Shirt In Brasil When you PlayedWith U.S.I Finally Found You !

  5. he had 36 goals and 27 assist, how is that not passing the ball? also so when messi, Cristano ronaldo, ronaldo, robinho, neymar etcc. these players dribble alot and where are they now? Just saying.

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