1. the american soccer is gettin better every year, i think the u.s.a.´╗┐ could have the best national team in the world because you got many sport talents in your country if soccer only was more popular and more people would play it your team would have the biggest talents in the world. sorry for my english im from germany ­čÖé

  2. I remember that great moment and I was at the game I was ALMOST in tears watching the Sounders win at 9:08 AND we had a big party at our house to celebrate´╗┐ the win…

  3. Cool. I know it can get pixelated, but that is because I try to crop out all logos and marks and stuff. Since its hard to find clips of these videos in HD, then cropping it makes it worse. Then I expand the video because I´╗┐ think it being a little pixelated is better than having the black bars for no reason.

    I’ll have a new video soon with Yanks Abroad, but it will still be the same picture quality. I make it HD so that when people watch it in lower quality, it looks better.

  4. Its not a big deal, it just gets pixelated, even at 720p. I like your video, its well done, just wished I could enjoy´╗┐ it in full glory.

    And no, I don’t have a full hd entertainment system. Kinda can’t afford one while going to college, haha.

  5. Amazing video!´╗┐ I got happy chills and tears welling in my eyes @9:03

  6. And how is the video quality so terrible?

    You must have a full HD entertainment´╗┐ experience at your house.

  7. Great video, but wish the video quality wasn’t so´╗┐ terrible. ­čśÉ

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