Social Media Is Going To Be The Key To The Campaign For Ladies Soccer

The UEFA is coming up with this campaign, which is, #weplaystrong, in the Republic of Ireland next year.

The campaign focuses on encouraging and promoting the game among the women across the countries in Europe and to sustain their interest in the game. One positive thing is that the overall view rates for the women’s games have grown and more people are becoming interested in the competitions held between them.

UEFA developer for business, Polly Bancroft, spoke at the conference: Sports Women in Irish Sports conference, explaining the thinking and aim of the campaign and how it is targeted to parents, especially the fathers who can encourage their girls to take up football. Bancroft said that they need to improve the image of women’s football, as it is perceived as masculine sports. There was no interest or awareness of women’s football so there are lots of challenges and problems. She feels there is need to be seen on social media. She said they need to activate influencers around the game and to encourage the teenage girls from starting to play. Basically, it is about uplifting the whole image of the game.

Bancroft believes that rather than comparing the women’s game to the men’s game, it is better to create women’s game own identity and place within the mind of the public. She believes, even the minor difference in terminology for women’s game as compared to men’s game could diminish the women’s game in the minds of casual observers.

The FAI had carefully studied the words that determine the campaign and said that they determine the confidence and the strength that every girl must have. Their aim is to convince the girls that football is the best time – pass and they must play it during their years in the teenage.