1. People who bash soccer in a national forum like the writer for the Wall Street Journal are merely attempting to allay their fears that soccer is on the rise in the U.S. They don’t want soccer to “steal” airtime from the sports with which they grew up. They fear the growth of the sport and hope that, by spouting that sort of yellow journalistic drivel, they can convince others to not care about the sport. It won’t work. If soccer really didn’t matter, they wouldn’t bother writing about it.

  2. it’s a disgrace…the usa in in the olympics for every sport, expect soccer. we should just quit..lol…also, mls on nbc blows!

  3. Happy to hear the pov that it matters not at all how big MLS/US soccer gets vis-a-vis other US pro sports leagues.
    A vibrant, sustainable league, in a diverse country of 300 million people can be world class and still not mirror the scale of the NFL or NBA.

  4. Don’t you think it’s funny when people writing or people in general trying to butcher soccer/foot ball when them themselves can’t even can’t their facts right, and seeing the comments in the article people are actually calling him dumb basically. Nice song BTW LMAO

  5. but its more prominent in the US. when we win or succeed, no one cares but when we lose, all hell breaks goes loose

  6. Oh, everyone has bandwagon fans. Just look at the people who wear all the Barcelona, Brazil and Spain jerseys.

  7. You know I don’t read these kind of articles as long US Soccer fans goes out and supports MLS and lower division league like NASL or USL the sport is going to grow. In truth some of these soccer haters are scared to death that traditional sports like baseball and hockey are hardly watch or followed anymore. Listen to these right wing loons idiots like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Matt Drudge they’re all scared that soccer is going to change the social faberic of this country.

  8. i believe a guy said it best when he said “America has badwagon fans”

  9. What is sad is the number of US/MLS soccer fans, fans who do support US soccer, but who were still questioning why Donovan was not playing. Is there a term for soccer fans who like the game, support their team but just don’t know the difference between the level of Honduras and Canada, what CCL is, what U23 team is, and what the away goals rule is?

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