1. btw just so you all know BMO Field has a grass pitch as of the start of the 2010-2011 season. No more synthetic turf.

  2. having arteficial grass is a real advantage when the opposing team play on real grass its been proved over here in britain

  3. toronto fc is a proper football name,take it from me i’m english,i hope footy takes off in usa and canada but you seem to have like just one team representing a whole state,over here you have a town with a population of 100,000 and a team with a 20,000 support, some of the big cities have 5 teams or more,but i do hope it takes of cos its a beautiful game

  4. im a united fan and there fans are amazin but when i went toronto the tfc were incredible never new canadians had so much passion about football

  5. Its not copying to honor a tradition.

    And i’m sorry, but:
    Crew = gay for mimicking “gangstas”
    Sounders = gay for obvious reasons
    Wizards = “Lets cast spells to make the ball go in the net! We’re Harry Potter!” GAY

  6. indyfan22k – I agree about the grass, but Toronto FC is a pimp name. Sorry we don’t do gay shit like Crew, Sounders, Galaxy and Wizards. Traditionally speaking, Toronto FC has one of the best names in the league. Up there with Real Salt Lake and FC Dallas.

  7. toronto no doubt has best fans in the league, i love toronto as much as the next guy(even went to columbus tfc game at BMO Field:P) but i think only reason they are on top is because they played 1-2 games more than every other team…

  8. i never said u were jealous i just said you seem bitter. go watch some whitecaps videos.

  9. i was at this game and i love hearing the “yeah!!!” when the goal is scored.

    TFC for MLS cup glory!!!

  10. no im not bitter why would i be jealous of your team m8, im just giving my opinion i honestly see TFC not doing much better than last year. plus just to say it we are unbeaten against TFC.

  11. For the record, Chivas yes indeed has classified to the playoffs since 2006 but every year has been eliminated in the first round. So Chivas is proud of what? They have failed in the most important games.

  12. what you mean play offs you guys are going to land just out of the playoffs, face it Chivas were bound to have a bad game and it happened to be against TFC you can’t even beat FC Dallas. you just wait and see all Toronto teams do the same thing. or you’ll make the playoffs and get eliminated in the first round. that is Toronto Culture for ya.

  13. It was my first game there and they won. Adrien serioux was the man of the match.

  14. chivas touched it before dichio headed it…. therefor it doesnt matter if he was offside… learn the rules

  15. its not offside if the opposing team plays the ball to the said offside player.

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